Rare solar eclipse over Australia, Antarctic Tuesday


Global News

TORONTO – If you’re south — really far south — on Tuesday, you’ll be treated to a rare eclipse.

Beginning at 5:57 UTC on Tuesday (1:57 EDT), an annular eclipse will take place across parts of Antarctica and eastern Australia.

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An annular eclipse occurs when the moon only blocks out part of the sun, leaving something known as a “ring of fire” around it.

The only ones able to see that ring for this eclipse will be penguins: it will only be seen in an uninhabited part of Antarctica.

This eclipse is particularly rare because part of the moon’s shadow — called the antumbra — misses Earth. And then the rest of the shadow, the umbra, only grazes the planet.

Over the past 3,956 annular eclipses during the 5,000-year period from the year AD 2000 to 3000, only 68 of…

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