Microsoft moves ahead with plan to stream original programming on Xbox

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SANTA MONICA, Calif. – When it comes to original programming, Microsoft is going to throw it at the Xbox and see what sticks.

After nearly two years since launching a studio to create new shows to be streamed on Xbox consoles, Microsoft is finally ready to serve an assorted helping of original programming this summer for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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However, viewers shouldn’t expect Xbox Originals, as they’re called, to be available the same way that content is provided on Netflix and Hulu.

“We don’t necessarily know what approach will work, and we don’t necessarily know what approach won’t work,” noted Nancy Tellem, the president of Xbox Entertainment Studios during a recent press preview of Xbox Originals at Microsoft’s offices in Santa Monica, California.

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Rare solar eclipse over Australia, Antarctic Tuesday


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TORONTO – If you’re south — really far south — on Tuesday, you’ll be treated to a rare eclipse.

Beginning at 5:57 UTC on Tuesday (1:57 EDT), an annular eclipse will take place across parts of Antarctica and eastern Australia.

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An annular eclipse occurs when the moon only blocks out part of the sun, leaving something known as a “ring of fire” around it.

The only ones able to see that ring for this eclipse will be penguins: it will only be seen in an uninhabited part of Antarctica.

This eclipse is particularly rare because part of the moon’s shadow — called the antumbra — misses Earth. And then the rest of the shadow, the umbra, only grazes the planet.

Over the past 3,956 annular eclipses during the 5,000-year period from the year AD 2000 to 3000, only 68 of…

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Amtrak train with 117 passengers partially derails in northeastern Montana

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BAINVILLE, Mon. – Amtrak says a train carrying 117 passengers has partially derailed in northeastern Montana, causing minor injuries to one passenger.

Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari says three cars on the 13-car Empire Builder slipped off the tracks at a switch Monday afternoon near Bainville.

The passenger train was headed west from Chicago to Portland and Seattle. Magliari says the injured passenger is being treated at the scene.

Magliari says the train is upright and still has power, and it’s expected to resume its journey Monday night after the three cars are uncoupled.

The Montana Department of Transportation says Montana Highway 327 is closed near the accident and a detour has been set up.

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