Alien, Gravity, and Pacific Rim: The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Return of good cinema!

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PSA: this piece isn’t an argument over whether Stone, Mori, or even Ripley do or don’t pass this or that feminist reading. Whilst this writer’s opinion is that they do, that particular discussion is already well-covered from all angles (and to be honest, I’ve gone over my word count). For the curious, there’ll be recommended reading at the end. No – what we’re looking at today is that elusive idea of the multi-faceted female sci-fi lead…

Ripley's successors

It’s 1979. Unknown actor Sigourney Weaver has just been cast in Ridley Scott’s next film, a low-budget sci-fi horror called Alien. What follows is unexpected commercial success, cult status, and the lasting impression that Ripley is something different. Something new. Something better.

Through the 1960s and 70s, Western sci-fi didn’t do too well by its women. Alien‘s casting directors were working with a script full of generic male characters they could…

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What Will the Future Hold for Lupita Nyong’o?

U go girl!


A peek into Lupita Nyong’o’s Instagram feed is a wild look into the jet-setting life of the current It Girl: Paris with Rihanna, posing like Audrey Hepburn circa Roman Holiday with her Best Supporting Actress Oscar on the steps of the Dolby Theatre, hobnobbing with a who’s who of movie stars, and showing off a killer nail game, day by day. Lupita Nyong’o is having a moment, and it’s great. She’s the best fashion muse to come along in quite some time, the rare actress who’s able to make couture work for her. In the case of most actresses, the beautiful dress is wearing them; not so with Lupita. She was heartbreaking and wonderful in 12 Years a Slave. And, most impressively, she’s no ingenue. As Ann Friedman writes at The Cut, “The woman who’s just been declared the freshest young thing in Hollywood is just a few years away…

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Pamela Anderson calls for boycott of Vancouver Island rodeo

Hey! PAM, hi-yah!

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VANCOUVER — Actress and activist Pamela Anderson is speaking out against a rodeo in her home province of B.C.

The Vancouver Island native tweeted her support of a campaign against the Luxton Pro Rodeo in Langford, located near her hometown of Ladysmith.

Vancouver Islanders, please don’t support the Luxton Rodeo! Help @VanHumane and @VCARE2013 end rodeo cruelty on the Island.

— Pamela Anderson (@PamelaDAnderson) March 21, 2014

Anderson is an avid animal activist and has spoken out about several high-profile issues, including Canada’s seal hunt and the Calgary stampede.

READ MORE: Pamela Anderson gets frosty reception from Canadian sealers

The Vancouver Humane Society and Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events have been calling for an end to calf-roping and steer wrestling at the upcoming Luxton Rodeo, saying the events are cruel and cause suffering to animals.

“There is no doubt that animals suffer in rodeos and people who care about animals…

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