Alien, Gravity, and Pacific Rim: The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Return of good cinema!

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PSA: this piece isn’t an argument over whether Stone, Mori, or even Ripley do or don’t pass this or that feminist reading. Whilst this writer’s opinion is that they do, that particular discussion is already well-covered from all angles (and to be honest, I’ve gone over my word count). For the curious, there’ll be recommended reading at the end. No – what we’re looking at today is that elusive idea of the multi-faceted female sci-fi lead…

Ripley's successors

It’s 1979. Unknown actor Sigourney Weaver has just been cast in Ridley Scott’s next film, a low-budget sci-fi horror called Alien. What follows is unexpected commercial success, cult status, and the lasting impression that Ripley is something different. Something new. Something better.

Through the 1960s and 70s, Western sci-fi didn’t do too well by its women. Alien‘s casting directors were working with a script full of generic male characters they could…

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Pamela Anderson calls for boycott of Vancouver Island rodeo

Hey! PAM, hi-yah!

Global News

VANCOUVER — Actress and activist Pamela Anderson is speaking out against a rodeo in her home province of B.C.

The Vancouver Island native tweeted her support of a campaign against the Luxton Pro Rodeo in Langford, located near her hometown of Ladysmith.

Vancouver Islanders, please don’t support the Luxton Rodeo! Help @VanHumane and @VCARE2013 end rodeo cruelty on the Island.

— Pamela Anderson (@PamelaDAnderson) March 21, 2014

Anderson is an avid animal activist and has spoken out about several high-profile issues, including Canada’s seal hunt and the Calgary stampede.

READ MORE: Pamela Anderson gets frosty reception from Canadian sealers

The Vancouver Humane Society and Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events have been calling for an end to calf-roping and steer wrestling at the upcoming Luxton Rodeo, saying the events are cruel and cause suffering to animals.

“There is no doubt that animals suffer in rodeos and people who care about animals…

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: French satellite spots possible debris

Too sad!

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: There’s still no concrete evidence that the objects belong to the missing jetliner. Back in Malaysia, investigators have uncovered new details about what happened before the flight took off. Vassy Kapelos reports.


  • French satellite offers new hope in search for missing flight 370
  • China releases satellite image of possible plane wreckage
  • Search off coast of Australia turns up nothing
  • Twenty-six countries are involved in the massive international search
  • Investigators still considering all possibilities in case of missing Malaysia Airlines jetline

PERTH, Australia – France provided new satellite data Sunday showing possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, as searchers combing a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean tried without success to locate a pallet that could be a key clue in solving one of the world’s biggest aviation mysteries.

The new information given to Malaysia’s government and forwarded to searchers in Australia shows “potential objects” in…

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Lady Gaga Releases “G.U.Y.”

you gotta love her!

Talk Music To Me


With a headline making performance at the South by Southwest, Lady Gaga used the headline making publicity stunt to promote new music video for the track, “G.U.Y.”

Before announcing when the full video would premiere, the pop star had unveiled a short teaser of it to hold her Little Monsters over before revealing that the full video would debut during NBC’s Dateline.

The video which comes in at almost twelve minutes, is another “performance piece” from the ARTPOP star. The video features Bravo’s Andy Cohen as well as some scenes featuring the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

In total, the music video incorporates four tracks from ARTPOP including “ARTPOP,” “Venus,” “manicure” and of course “G.U.Y.”

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Actor James Rebhorn dies at 65

What A Lost to the world of acting! (sad)

Global News

TORONTO — Veteran character actor James Rebhorn, who most recently played Claire Danes’ father on Homeland, is dead. He was 65.

According to his agent, Rebhorn passed away Friday surrounded by family members at home in South Orange, New Jersey.

The actor, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1992, was receiving hospice care following treatment at NYU Hospital.

Rebhorn had a long list of film and television credits. He had roles in movies like Independence Day, Silkwood, My Cousin Vinny, Basic Instinct, Scent of a Woman and Meet the Parents. He played Jude Law’s father in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

On television, Rebhorn had recurring roles in shows like White Collar, Law & Order and Third Watch. His many guest roles included playing a District Attorney in the final episode of Seinfeld.

Rebhorn was born in Philadelphia and raised in a small town…

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