Smartphones may not work in extreme cold weather

Are they really that Smart?

Global News

Watch the video above: Is your smartphone not so smart in the cold? Cindy Pom reports. 

TORONTO – Has your phone been unexpectedly slow or turned off altogether during the prolonged period of cold weather recently? Well, that may be because of the battery and the screen.

Joe Tersigni, managing partner of Cell Phone Repair, said the lithium ion battery and the LCD display simply don’t work well in cold temperatures.

“The [battery] material was made out of lithium and in extreme temperatures, hot or cold, there are changes in the chemical. It’s a chemical reaction. So the battery will work harder trying to retain the temperature of the phone,” he said.

When the battery becomes too cold, the phone may turn off. While the natural reaction may be to immediately hit the power button and try to turn the phone back on, Tersigni warns that is a terrible idea.

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