Miley, Demi, Rob Ford: NYE shows had something for all

A night to remember, fur sure. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Global News

TORONTO — Those who did not venture out on New Year’s Eve were treated to a mixed bag of countdown shows Tuesday night on TV.

On CNN, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin (who spent the latter part of the broadcast handcuffed to each other) talked about everything from a 132-pound scrotum to a bra-less Gloria Vanderbilt (Cooper’s mom) when not going live to Vincennes, Indiana to watch 67-year-old comedian Gallagher smash watermelons.

In one of several awkward moments during the broadcast, Griffin asked Melissa Etheridge if she was wearing underwear — while CNN showed the singer’s surname misspelled on the screen.

Griffin and Cooper also had a surprisingly well-informed chat about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (both are fans).

CNN inexplicably kept the word “live” in the bottom right corner of the screen while showing New Year’s Eve countdowns in Moscow and London that had taken place hours earlier. (Were viewers…

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